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We do our best to design and implement open source cloud platform to meet your complex needs. EasyStack serves many leading customers in many industries, including finance, industry 4.0, telecom, new media, energy, education, etc. Under the commitment of 100% openness,wecontinue to innovate and grow. By choosing EasyStack, you'll get a stable and open source cloud computing solution and a professional enterprise cloud computing team. Let 'sface the challenge together!

  • China Construction Bank
  • People's Bank of China Credit Reference Center
  • China UnionPay
  • CIB Fintech

Through joint research on key projects such as the transformation of cloud management platform based on EasyStack Cloud Service,China Construction Bank realizes unified management and control of different brands and heterogeneous SDN software and hardware environments in the cloud platform, and realizes flexible software-definition-network deployment and automated operation and maintenance. Through the EasyStack Cloud Service to implement the overall transformation of the existing cloud platform, China Construction Bank cloud platform will be compatible, easy to expand, sustainable and self-controllable meanwhile reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO),which provide strong support for financial technology innovation.

  • Guotai Junan Securities
  • Everbright Securities
  • Haitong Securities
  • Shanghai Securities
  • Zhongshan Securities

Adopting the EasyStack ECS supporting multi-data center deployment, a powerful localization service team help Guotai Junan Securities quickly build the platform. Modular functional modules and automated tools make rapid deployment of the business possible, and open, tagged APIs easily connected to the cloud management platform.

  • China Economic Information Service
  • Guangxi Radio & TV Network
  • Shanxi Daily

Financial Data Cloud of China Economic Information Service adopts commercial virtualization software and ECS Enterprise Cloud to build a basic resource IaaS support platform, cloud application lifecycle management platform, cloud operation and maintenance management platform to meet business development requirements. The project is managed by a sets of cloud platform and implements distributed storage services and network virtualization services in the cloud platform. The overall function of the platform realizes the IaaS infrastructure and PaaS layer service capabilities, and the on-demand public cloud to achieve hybrid cloud management, and provides the necessary operational and maintenance service capabilities. The platform realizes flexible management and autonomous operation of basic IT facilities resources and improves the efficiency of hardware equipment utilization and application system deployment, which realizes efficient, rapid and integrated life-cycle operation and maintenance management of the financial data cloud service platform. It has successfully built an infrastructure support capability that provides flexible scaling for application systems, and fully serves the needs of business development.

  • State Grid
  • State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company

The SG-COS cloud operating system based on IaaS, Kubernetes and other technologies has been applied to the State Grid’s enterprise management cloud and public service cloud. With the elastic scalability of the IaaS+Kubernetes converged architecture cloud platform, the business system can automatically scale the service capacity according to the load, and cope with massive concurrent business application scenarios. Relying on container technology to promote DevOps transformation, it improves application efficiency ,enhances business innovation capabilities, update the high availability and self-healing of distributed applications and ensure the smooth delivery of services in the private cloud environment.

Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Haier
  • Coca-Cola(Dongguan)
  • TCL
  • Lenovo
  • Saic Motor

The EasyStack ECS cloud platform helped Haier complete a world-class creative COSMOPlat platform with a non-standard view. Through close cooperation with EasyStack ,Haier uses the ECS platform to build COSMOPlat IC to ensure stable and efficient operation of the COSMOPLat platform.

Edu & HPC
  • Tsinghua University Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences
  • Southeast University
  • Nanjing University
  • Renmin University of China

Tsinghua University has built a large-scale private cloud environment integrating production, education and research with EasyStack ECS cloud computing solution. ECS single cluster size reaches 6000 cores, 16TB of memory, 540TB storage capacity, providing for other departments paid cloud services, big data analysis Hadoop / Spark / Docker, network intrusion detection, teaching and research of distributed systems. The project reduces data center procurement costs by 60%, time spent on routine IT management tasks by 33%, and energy costs by 80%

  • Best Express
  • SF Express

Through ECS Enterprise Cloud, Best Express migrated the business system to the cloud platform through distributed architecture. The cloud platform realized the flexibility and high scalability of the entire architecture through computing virtualization, storage virtualization and network virtualization technology, which enables applications to scale quickly on the cloud.

  • Chengdu Government
  • Beiyang Group
  • Tai’an Cloud Computing Center

Chengdu E-Government Cloud is built in accordance with the requirements of unified technical routes, providing flexible, reliable and secure information infrastructure services for municipal government departments such as computing, storage and network. Through the use of ECS Enterprise Cloud, the “Internet + Government Service” technical system such as infrastructure platform, public service platform and software application platform are built to support GIS, CA, security monitoring, emergency response and other information systems to achieve sharing of infrastructure construction and use, cloud communication on information systems, efficient cooperation of business applications between different departments,which provides strong support for government management and public services, improves service level for the people, and improves capability of governance.

  • Ministry of Transport ETC
  • The First Engineering Bure CREC
  • Shandong Hi-speed Group
  • Henan Province Traffic Card

Beginning on January 1, 2018, the Ministry of Transport, in accordance with the State Council's deployment, promotes structural reforms on the supply side, promotes the logistics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency, further improves the service level of toll roads, and launches the ETC electronic invoice issuing system for expressways. Through the adoption of ECS Express Cloud Enterprise Cloud, the ETC Center of the Ministry of Transport has built a smart IT infrastructure with resource sharing, centralized management and dynamic management,which Shortens the delivery cycle of industry information application. The system adopts an elastic architecture, automatically allocates computing resources on demand to meet the needs of rapid changes in computing resources, and realizes centralized and unified monitoring and management of all IT equipment and virtual equipment, reducing the workload of system management.