EasyStack Cloud Service (ECS)

EasyStack Cloud Service (ECS) is an application-centric, next-generation, enterprise cloud service platform that provides stable, reliableand flexible on-demandcloud computing services for both traditional business and agile business application. It provides solutions in scenarios such as private cloud service,industry cloud service and hybrid cloud service and builds a cloud data center that is stable, reliable, secure, efficient, flexible, open and compatible. Through distributed intelligent scheduling engine, perceptual visual service orchestration, intelligent event mesh engine, event mesh engine service and other features, ECS helps customers achieve comprehensive business cloudization and effective respond to business challenges, empowering industry customers with digital transformation and lean innovation.

ECS reshapes the user experience of cloud computing

Micro-service Control Plane

Micro-servitization of full components with newly designed micro-service control plane brings cloud platform the ability of sustainable evolution.

Distributed Intelligent Scheduling Engine

Through the distributed intelligent scheduling engine, the micro-service control plane is uniformly scheduled, orchestrated and managed, which brings the ultimate high availability and elastic scalability.

User Transparent Upgrade

The cloud platform control plane component can achieve a smooth and non-sense upgrade of the micro-service granularity without any interruptions.

Perceptual Full Service Orchestration

ECS can visually orchestrate the basic resources and software infrastructure, and intelligently plan, build, and distribute enterprise-level business systems.

Container, Virtual Machine Unified Application Center

One-stop on-line, distribution, deployment, and operation and maintenance of steady-state and agile-state sensitive applications help you choose the right platform to support different types of business applications.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Service

Fully upgrade the cloud platform remote disaster recovery to provide multiple levels of data security.

New Upgraded Operation and Maintenance Monitoring Platform

ECS provides comprehensive monitoring and alarming services for hardware, distributed storage, cluster services and virtual resources, and provides users with complete log management, analysis and alarm services.

Intelligent Event Engine

Support intelligent event scheduling, fully automated operation and maintenance task scheduling and other scenarios to help you improve platform management and operation and maintenance service quality.

ECS Basic Services

Unified Management of Heterogeneous Computing Resources

Simultaneously provide virtual machines, bare metal, and container resources, and manage them through a unified self-service interface.

Acquire Cloud Resources in Seconds

Instantly create, and access to massive computing resources; instant backup is also safe and flexible.


The full-service HA solution ensures stable and reliable operation of the cloud platform cluster.


Supports the automatic elastic expansion and contraction of cloud hosts; dynamically adjust the scale of computing resources according to the increase or decrease of the load.

ECS Advanced Services

Computational Perceptual Visual Orchestration Service

Through the perceptual visualize graphic interface, the entire business resource allocation is completed and the resource association is intelligently established, helping user plan and construct a production-level business system in no time and providing a convenient self-service service construction process.

Container Service

Provide enterprise-level container cluster management services. Based on the fusion configuration design of Kubernetes container platform and ECS IaaS basic platform, it provides comprehensive management, delivery and operation of the next generation Cloud-Native applications. Withits application-oriented microservice management features and its powerful infrastructure management capabilities.

Industry Cloud Service

Help industry leaders with innovative spirit, deep verticals, and rich ecology build and operate cloud service platforms with industry attributes to fully unlock their experience and capabilities at the business and platform levels.

Big Data Service

Clients are provided with big data services, and are able to deploy big data platforms and isolate tenant-level security, greatly simplifying the complexity of management and maintenance of big data platforms.

Database Service

Realize rapid deployment of various types of database software, and provide value-added functions such as data backup and unified management.

EasyStack Application Marketplace

The Application Marketplace is a cloud application management and delivery platform for software providers and developers to help users, interested in open source-mature software or third-party commercial software, to quickly deploy the required applications on the cloud platform and accelerate business on-line processes. At the same time, you are able to publish your own apps to the Application Marketplace. Centered at the Application Marketplace, we are building an application ecosystem of cloud computing era to support all types of business applications.

  • Unified Application Center for Virtual machine and container

    Build a unified distribution, delivery and management platform for applications where both steady state and sensible state coexist

  • Fast Delivery of Applications

    Free you from complex application installation and deployments, and get on cloud instantly with only one button

  • Rich and Varied Application Types

    Provides multiple types of software applications, including but not limited to databases, middleware, DevOps tools, monitoring logs, business intelligence, and more.

  • Build a Secure and Compliant Application Distribution Platform

    Build a secure and compliant cloud application delivery and distribution platform to ensure the standard of application online