ECS Stack Hyper-Converged Infrastructure(HCI)

ECS Stack Product Top 10 Advantages

  • Self-service AssemblyLine

    Self-service access to IT resources, on-demand application, agile delivery

  • Perceptual Visualize Orchestration

    Perceptual visualize orchestration, situational setting, and one-click importing

  • Dual Engine Computing Service

    Hybrid application load support and consistent user experience

  • Application Marketplace

    The application-managing and delivering platform is service providers and developers friendly, aiming to build an application ecosystem for the cloud.

  • Advanced Service Engine

    Equipped with advanced functions such as big data and database, it builds application-centric platform

  • Fully Symmetric-distributed High Reliable cConfiguration

    An innovative design: fully symmetric-distributed configu-ration control service

  • Composable Software-define Infrastructure

    Newly upgraded, high-performance distributed storage; flexible and visualize network

  • Intelligence CacheAcceleration Engine

    High-performance cache acceleration engine, enhanced acceleration algorithm.

  • User Transparent Upgrade

    Upgrade of the micro-service granularity without any interruptions.

  • Intelligent OPS & Monitor

    Comprehensive HW+SW monitor, log analysis capabilities, global OPSsituational sensibility and visualize display

Classic ECS StackUse Scenarios

  • Desktop Cloud

    As an on-demand desktop cloud service, the desktop cloud greatly facilitates enterprise business and secures the development environment. It solves relevant issues of centralized enterprise resources management, efficient operation and maintenance, and business costs.

  • Edge Computing

    The edge computing solution integrates distributed computing, storage, network, and security. Featured with flexible deployment, high performance, high availability, and fault-fixing capabilities, it ensures effective isolation of resources, security level protection, and improve business processing capabilities.

  • Cloud Security

    Software defines security. Pooling and servitization security resources. It provides flexible and boundary-complementary security ability. Alsoequipped with secured internal visibility and controllability, enabling multi-dimensional in-depth analysis of the platform traffic, full-featured security protection, and build a security boundary for cloud.

  • Hybrid Application Load Support

    Provides cloud host resources based on traditional virtualization technology, and provides a container support platform for cloud native applications based on the EasyStack Container Linux operating system. Users can freely orchestrate and use heterogeneous computing resources to better match the features of enterprise-level business applications and can manage them through a unified self-service interface to ensure a consistent user experience.

  • Disaster Recovery & Backup

    Integrating disaster recovery and backup functions; based on the rich large and medium-sized data center disaster recovery bet practices, enabling remote data disaster recovery backup services that are fast, easy to use, and flexible. The ECS Stack provides a basic platform environment for instantly coping disaster recovery backups for medium and large data centers, with different levels of data protection and application persistence solutions.

  • Application Software All-in-one Delivery

    The application center that comes with the platform can provide a complete set of mature application delivery frameworks, and provide users with compliance and standardized applications. At the same time, it provides a package infrastructure solution for SaaS application service providers, and comprehensively applies application developers and ECS Stack products. Integrated and integrated delivery.

ECS Stack Typical Industry Case


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