The Economist Casting Eyes to 4 Chinese Cloud Companies in the New Year

Posted on 2019-08-26

At the beginning of 2018, the world’s financial flagship media--UK’s The Economist gave a full coverage on “Chinese Tech Providers Plan to Steal American Cloud Firms' Thunder” and the daily Reference News that withs the highest circulation in China translated, edited and reposted the report. 

The report is based on a field visit to four typical Chinese cloud computing companies--Alibaba Cloud, EasyStack (a leading open source cloud computing company in China), CIB Fintech and UCloud. “The (open source) technology that China’s cloud-computing companies use is not so dissimilar to that used by Western counterparts,” said in the report. 


As China's contribution to technology is mounting, Chinese tech professionals have shifted their role from participants to a leading force in the world’s open source technical communities. Furthermore, Chinese firms have started to build cloud computing products and platforms with a system engineering mindset.

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