EasyStack Initiated into Duly Founded Ceph Foundation

Posted on 2019-08-26

Berlin, Germany November 12, 2018- Linux Foundation officially announced the founding of Ceph Foundation at “Ceph Day” as an act of support to the Ceph open source project community. 


EasyStack, together with other 30 tech leaders around the world, were initiated into Ceph Foundation. Leading China’s open source cloud computing, EasyStack has maintained a deep involvement in the Ceph projects by contributing Ceph codes and promoting application of Ceph products. Besides, it has also seen Ceph as a crucial part of the cloud computing infrastructure platform and made sustainable product-oriented innovation to constantly optimize the performance and reliability of Ceph on EasyStack cloud platforms and provide stable, agile, flexible and efficient cloud computing products for enterprise-level customers in a broad range of areas including finance, government, manufacturing, etc.

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