EasyStack's Guanyu Lin Initiated into Technical Committee of OpenStack Foundation

Posted on 2019-08-26

Lately the Technical Committee of OpenStack Foundation disclosed its latest election results at the 2018 OpenStack Summit Berlin: Guanyu Lin, an engineer of EasyStack Open Source Community, was included into the Technical Committee of OpenStack Foundation. For years, Guanyu Lin has thoroughly participated in contributing codes to and building OpenStack communities, acted as PTL of the Heat project for two consecutive years and won the OpenStack Community Contributor Award. His initiation shows that China will have a greater say and play a greater part in planning and decision making for international open source communities. 


As a creative Chinese open source cloud computing company, EasyStack spares no effort to make sustainable contributions to open source communities. Since EasyStack joined OpenStack Foundation as a gold member in 2016, it has contributed an independent director, a member of the Technical Committee and many PTLs to the foundation. In 2016, EasyStack joined Linux Foundation and was initiated into CNCF and OCI. In 2018, EasyStack was initiated into Ceph Foundation.

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