Case of Educational Private Cloud: EasyStack Aiding THU in Building a Large Private Cloud Platform

Posted on 2019-08-26

In the wake of model selection and technical verification on many cloud platform products, Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) of Tsinghua University (THU), ultimately chose EasyStack Cloud Service (ECS) enterprise cloud product to set up IIIS’ cloud platform. 


At the moment, the institute is working on interdisciplinary building of two disciplines- computer science & technology and physics, and hence is in an urgent demand for establishing four research centers and training the faculty and students to learn and grasp cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other new technologies. However, it bothers IT operation and maintenance personnels on campus that different scientific research projects in the institute vary from each other in IT computing power demand and the former experimental platform runs in an independent IT environment where resources are not fully made use of with low flexibility and difficult maintenance of IT. In this context, IIIS determined to set out on a “cloud” path. 

Based on years of in-depth cooperation with EasyStack, the institute decided to adopt the ECS enterprise cloud solution to deploy a large industry-university-research cloud environment in institutions of higher education in China. Each cluster on the cloud platform includes hundreds of servers, thousands of CPU cores and TBs of memory, and hundreds of TBs of storage and supports cloud resource services for such security platforms as Hadoop/Spark big data analysis, container platform and network intrusion detection platform.

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