EasyStack Service

After years of industry experience, EasyStack has handled hundreds of enterprise-level projects and has a highly experienced service team whose work covers pre-sales,sales,andafter-sales service of cloud consulting and planning, cloud design and delivery, and cloud data center operations.

Cloud Consulting and Planning Services

EasyStack has a dedicated cloud computing consulting team that provides a wealth of successes and best practices to help customers evaluate, plan, design, build and optimize cloud platforms.

Cloud Design and Delivery Services

With mature cloud computing solutions and professional project management capabilities, EasyStack can design and deliver intelligent, secure and feature-rich cloud computing environments for customers, both for internal small-scale basic workloads and for large-scale cloud service platform, which has powerful technical capabilities to help customers quickly create and manage diverse cloud computing platforms.

Cloud Data Center Operations Service

EasyStack can provide end-to-end cloud data center operation service for large-scale customers, from front-end needs analysis to back-end operation and maintenance, all of which can be completed by the EasyStack professional team.