EasyStack is the leader of open cloud computing in China. It is also a member of several open source foundations such as Linux, CNCFand OpenStack. It has various open source technology training certifications such as Kubernetes and OpenStack. The founding team of EasyStack comes from thecore engineering team of the IBM China R&D Center. It has many years of open source community experience and practice accumulation. Base on many best practices of open source community, EasyStack provides mature cloud platform products and professional services.

EasyStack focuses on the development, operation, and ecosystems for open source cloud computing platforms, designed to provide enterprise users with an open, reliable, autonomous, controllable, high-performance Internet+ industry cloud platform.

As an advocate of open source cloud computing, EasyStack do always follow the trend of the open source technology. Based on the expert team of EasyStack, with the help of various open source communities and global open source resources, the company adopts mature technical expert training methods, concepts and training systems to continuously introduce new products and provide customers with solution form professionalism to one-stop talent development.

Currently, EasyStack is the CNCF Foundation’s Certified Kubernetes Partner. It has obtained the qualification of Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and the Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP). The company can provide Kubernetes support, consulting, professional services and training. At the same time, EasyStack is also the first domestic COA (Certified OpenStack Administrator) training organization certified by the OpenStack Foundation.

Curriculum Provision

  • CKA
  • COA
  • CKAD

CKA Training

Training Duration: 5 days / 30 hours

Training Instructor:Senior Lecturer at EasyStack Boxue Academy

Location:Offline teaching

Target Audience:Container TechnologyBeginners, Systems Engineers, Operations Engineers, Cloud Computing Administrators, and IT Staff who want to devote themselves to container technology

Training Fee:¥9800 / person (Excluding exam registration fee)

Group purchase offers can be consulted:

Tel: 4006485123-3-3-3 Email:

Training Content

·Kubernetes development status and future

·Kubernetes architecture and working principle

·Kubernetes installation and configuration based on Linux platform

·API Object usage


·Storage management in Kubernetes


Logging, Monitor and Troubleshooting

·Kubernetes Federations

·Kubernetes application deployment Helm Chart

·Kubernetes Security

·Kubernetes-based business case

·CKA certification explanation and simulation test

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